Friday 21 August 2020

evening visit to Thacka.

 Its been a while , but I have a few new photos (nothing spectacular) and thought I would upload them. Before I do, allow me  to do a bit of back tracking for anyone that knows my blog.

As you know my blog title is "Birding Kyfer Misty and Me" , well a year agao this May we lost our lovely Westie Kyfer , one minite He was curled up on my chair, the next He was having a masive stroke . A quick dash to the vet but  they couldn't do any thing for him.

Kyfer above.   So now we only have 11 year old misty, and this brings me to the story of my latest pics.

        When it was permitted for my Dughter to   travel (easing of lockdown) she came down from Scotland, and has spent the last 3 weeks working from our spare room which she has converted into an office .

       Each night she takes Misty out for a walk sometimes round what we laughingly call the reserve, where very little apart from Gulls and Mallard can be found. However when she went up there the other night she sent me a photo of what she had found. a small Starling roost or murmuration. So last night as the weather was good, we went up togeather, and sure enough there was small flocks of Starlings comming in to roost on a pylon.




And the usual Mallards.

 And below on the same evening with our backs to the Starlings.

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