Friday, 25 November 2011

It's been a long time

Male Mandarin on the pond, Thacka.
Well Sky finally sorted my phone and more importantly my Internet out, which I have been without since the middle of October. So what's been happening in the mean time, well as it happens as regards the patch very little. As can be seen the Mandarin is still with us although shy and elusive, nothing of great interest on the Thacka beck reserve, apart from Mallard, lots of Moorhen, and gulls.
        As regards the Flash, well for weeks that has been a disaster area, since it has been drained leaving a lot less water than previously, and the surrounding area looking like a building site nothing has been near the place, no Lapwings nothing . That is until yesterday, when for the first time in well over a month there was 100 Lapwing back on view, and again this morning with over the 100 mark. Also good numbers of gulls mainly Black-headed, with a few Common gulls, and also a few pairs of Mallard.

Last week near the Flash in thick mist

Cloud over the Ullswater fells on Tuesday, From Little Mell Fell

Top of Little Mell Fell as the sun started to set.
Yesterday I had a ride over to Bassenthwite lake to see if the Black-throated Diver was still there and the Great White Egret, but only the Egret could be found and that was on the far side of the lake. It was over a thousand yards away hence the poor photos.

Great white Egret.

We have stood side by side with these in Florida, the wildlife there is very approachable
There was also some Common Scoters reported but I didn't find them, it was very windy and quite a chop on the lake, that's my excuse anyway.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

No net

Just a short post from a friends computer , the reason being we have no Internet at home, or phone line. This is due to a big cock-up between Sky and BT , and we are going to be off line till at least the 10 of the month. This is very frustrating not just for myself but also the rest of the family, especially my daughter. So no photos for a while. I just wanted to let people no that I am still around  and hopefully Sky will sort thing out for me sooner rather than later.