Thursday, 28 January 2010

Out and about in the car

Mrs W and I went for a tour around in the car this afternoon, making our way firstly up to Hartside. Long before we reached the top we had hit the mist, and so I wasn't expecting to see much. We continued our journey heading in the direction of Alston, and slowly got below the mist line, soon after seeing our first Black Grouse. Shortly after this we took a left hand turn and headed into Northumberland, and more grouse. This time a small party of 5 males they looked really good, but soon got nervous once the camera came out.
              Next we had a quick look in at Talkin tarn and found what for me is probably the largest roost of gulls I have ever seen , there was also a good selection of wildfowl including Goosander and Goldeneye.
              All in all not a bad afternoon.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Penrith Surprise

Having a wonder round Penrith this morning as you do and blow me what did I see sat in front of me a beautiful Black Redstart , had excellent views as it pottered about on the ground feeding. also close by a Grey Wagtail.
In the afternoon I went for a walk round the Cemetery, but it was dead, (brilliant I don't know how I think of um.) Later I had a walk round Whinns pond but that was as quiet as the grave as well , might as well keep the theme going. Hope there are better things to come

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Out and about

Had a wonder about today, going up to Hartside to have a look at the conditions up there , and as you can see there is still plenty of snow about, in places it was 4 to 5 ft. higher than the car. When I got out to take some pics the wind was cutting so didn't hang around too long.
I also had a ride over to have a look at the new nature reserve at Dubwath, its not that big but has good potential. There is a raised board walk all the way round and a large number of bird feeders doing a good trade. I didn't see anything other than the usual birds attracted to the feeders.
The sun shone for most of the time but the wind took the fun out of the outings.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Thacka & Penrith nature reserve

Had a walk round Thacka yesterday morning , along the hawthorns there was still some Bramblings about mixing with the Chaffinches, there was also some Goldfinch along the same stretch and 1 Fieldfare . On the bottom flood (still a sheet of ice) the mixed flock of gulls were still there and that was about it .
In the afternoon Mrs W and I had a walk round the nature reserve just off Beacon Edge rd. the whole wood was quiet until we came across a mixed flock of tits which included 2 Goldcrest . unfortunately there was only one of the flock that stayed still long enough to get a pic. of , the Great tit. There other pics are of the Westies Kyfer & Misty enjoying the snow before it all melted, although there is still plenty on the Lake fells and the Pennines.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A morning stroll round Thacka

It was snowing lightly when I set out but soon cleared as I made my way along the hawthorns by the railway. There was a lot about and a good mix too, unfortunatly the light was poor and so are the pics. The small bird is a Yellowhammer,  also a Heron , Common Gull , and Mistle Thrush.  other birds were, Goldfinch 20 or so, 1 Bullfinch  male, Brambling, Kestrel , Greenfinch, Fieldfare, Moorhen 2. On the bottom flood or sheet ice as it is there was a mixed flock of gulls, Common and Black-Headed.
    It was still very icy under foot and actually went down at one point, camera making contact with the ground via its lenshood first. fortunately no damage to either of us.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Winter Wonderland

Went over to Keswick on Buisness and managed to include a bit of birding and sightseeing. It was a brilliant day sun all day making the snow look fantastic on the Mountains, Central Gully on Great End will be in prime condition for a snow and ice climb.
There was quite a few Robbins down by the lake with a few feathers flying over territoriall disputes. also quite a few birds are becoming more tame as the shortage of food gets worse.
Derwentwater was froze solid from end to end , and reminded me of 78 when a big party of us was skating all over it. There was a mix bag of gulls and Mallard by the boat landings , all waiting expectanly for food from any passing local or tourist that was willing to feed them.