Friday, 27 January 2012

To go or not to go

Well what a day as regards the weather !!. It was raining first thing so gave Mrs W a lift to work then continued on my way up to Thacka to give the Westies an early morning walk. Now yesterday when I was up there I was surprise to fined an Oystercatcher on the remains of the flash, then this morning there was 2 . Now if anyone wants to do some digging into the blog archives they will see that not last year but the year before we were getting counts of upward of 30. I wonder if they are going to build to those numbers again for this year.
        I was watching the weather for the rest of the morning while playing about on the computer, then deciding it was time for some fresh air, I decided to head West hoping I could escape the bad weather of Penrith and find better conditions round Workington. Also on my mind was the possibility of finding some Purple Sandpipers and the Med gull thus adding 2 good ticks to my year list.

Well I'll say one thing it was dry just, but the wind was quite strong to say the least. I searched in vain for the Purps but no sign anywhere. Also Stumpy (the Med gull) let me down as it had done a bunk.

Water crashing over the old jetty on the beach

Herring Gull enjoying a bath in the fresh water near the harbour

Herring Gulls and Black-headed Gulls were the only birds in the area, and not surprising considering the conditions. So it was time to move on, lets try Siddick Ponds.

At Siddick a kindly gentleman had been leaving piles of seed at various stages along the footpath, which was attracting good numbers of House Sparrows, as well as Great Tits, Blue Tits, Chaffinches, and Bullfinches.
I had just got onto the footpath when a Bittern came flapping along and into the reedbed, not to be seen again, but a good year tick. Also these 2 whooper Swans were nice to see and also 2 Cormorants. The rain managed to keep off while I was there so it was enjoyable strolling along and chatting to the kind man that had put all the seed down. I was amazed to see so many Goosanders getting on for 200.

2 Whoopers
On the way home I decided to call in at Silver Meadows NR. Where on the feeders amongst the tits I got 2 more year ticks, Siskin and Nuthatch, Keep em cumming.
           Lots of Snow on various stretches of the A66 and the tops are plastered again, Kirkstone pass was closed first thing.

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