Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Part of the patch with the Westies

Well that's the end of January and what a contrast to last year, Who can forget what we were getting last year as regards the weather.

The little Westies have not been playing in the snow this winter, (so far)
It was so cold at times last year the snow would ball up on there fur and turn to ice. then back home they would flood the kitchen as it stated to thaw out.
This morning no such thing, and no frost either, although the ground was still hard from yesterdays frost.
     It was interesting to see how crafty the blackbirds have become because of the frost, they were making the most of the new mole hills where the earth was soft to seek  out the worms and grubs.
On the remains of the flash this morning no Lapwings but there was 3 Oystercatchers. Along the top track a few Blue tits but mainly Blackbirds. The usual flock of House Sparrows by the cottages, and then a walk  along the railway path to Roy's feeder didn't produce much more, only Blue & Great tits this morning.
         The weather wasn't conducive for doing anything today , which was a pity as it looks like the Glossy Ibis and Smew is back at Leighton, typical wasn't there when I went!!. Lets hope the sun is back tomorrow, and we can do some more listing.

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