Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Odd Buddies

 Odd buddies,  Starling & Curlew sharing the same table.

Had a drive along the Solway yesterday picking up a few more year tics, I had a much later start than intended as I had to wait in for double glazing chap.
       I went up Thacka with the dogs first thing and counted 17 Lapwing on the remains of the Flash, a sorry state of affairs. So the Solway, it would be about 1-30 by the time I started to drive along stopping off a various points to have a scan. There were lots of Curlews, and oystercatchers, plus Redshank, and it was nice to watch half a dozen male Mergansers displaying to a few female.
        At Campfield scrape the Great White Egret was still on show feeding in the gullies, then round at Cardurnock I was hoping the Barnacle geese would still be there, but I think it was getting too late in the day. I did see a large skein of geese heading up the estuary and making for the Scottish side maybe going to roost, along with possible the Red-Breasted Goose !!
        Near Anthorn there was hundreds of Oystercatchers, but the highlight was a thousand or more Golden Plover.

Small section of the Golden Plover, the pic doesn't do the scene justice.  

And the last two pics, sunset along the River Wampool.

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