Saturday, 14 January 2012

A pecker on the patch

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Took the Westies for their usual morning walk, always look at what use to be the Flash, but very rare there is anything about, we are doing well to get 20 to 60 Lapwings when we use to get hundreds.

Always as I get out of the car Mats bulls are near the gate, this morning they were having a good munch.
This morning instead of just walking round the field, I decided to have a walk along the top track and then along the railway path. I hadn't been on the path long when the Woodpecker flew past me, I found out later talking to Roy, it had been on the feeder that Roy has put up on some bushes by the railway.
           There was a few small flocks of Starlings moving around, and quite a few Blue tits. Further along the path a Buzzard flew across and then I found another perched by the path.

Common Buzzard
I thought it may have taken flight when theWesties passed below, but it just kept an eye on them. These are the first Buzzards I have seen on the patch for at least 8 months. Later while talking to Roy another one landed in a tree by the big house.

The Westies have found an interesting scent

Frost on seed heads

Footpath by the railway
After lunch I went over to see Kieth and burn some rubbish and 2 Hedge Sparrows were feeding close by.

Hedge Sparrow, or Dunnock

All in all not a bad day and the sun never stopped shinning.

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