Saturday, 28 January 2012

Over the border South.

Leighton Moss today in the hope of, firstly escaping the gloom of Penrith, and secondly adding good numbers to the year list . Succeeded on the first count but failed poorly on the second.
        I think most people that visit the main centre call in at the feeder first just out of interest, and these days are guaranteed to be greeted by Pheasants, both male and female, it gets more like a poultry farm each time I visit.

Female Pheasant
Also now taking advantage of scraps from the feeders, Moorhens.


I was hoping to get Marsh Tit here as there is usually one about, but even though I payed two visits I drew a blank. Quite a few other birds on the feeders including these two Bullfinches.

Male & Female Bullfinch, obviously Married, both wearing rings.
Next on to Lillian's hide, nothing to excite me there , Green-winged Teal had been on view but had decided to move back into the reeds, so missed out on that one. Then the shout went up Water Rail, oh its gone back in again, sh*t missed that and nearly got killed in the rush, honestly if it hadn't have been for the lovely sunshine I wouldn't have gone down, its like Boxing day sales on a weekend. So at least 2 target birds down the tubes and we move on.
       I decide to head for the marsh hides with the hope of  bagging the Glossy Ibis on the way. Well the fields by the level crossing were full mainly Greylag Geese there must have been about 200 also good numbers of Lapwings and a few Redshank. Then I found a white goose with the Greylags, Snow Goose I thought, one of the 3 that has been seen, then on closer inspection it was a x , one of those days, and no Ibis. Anyway at the Morecambe hide the wildfowl made up for it.

Male & Female Pintail.


Male Gadwall

And female Gadwall

And a few Lapwings on the Allan pool
My last port of call was Warton crag for the Peregrine, this time lucky, a lovely Female sitting in the sun High up on the far end of the crag. Too far away for pics even with the scope. And so I made my way back home via Arnside and the estuary, but nothing new there.

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