Sunday, 22 January 2012

Afternoon tea & Black Grouse

Black Grouse
Myself and Mrs W decided to have a ride up to Hartside cafe for some scones with cream and jam. While participating in these delights, I suggested that when we had eaten said delights, we might have a ride down the Alston side of the pass on the off chance that there might be the odd Black Grouse about.
       The wind was blowing a gale so I didn't hold much hope, but ever the optimist and with stomach suitably satisfied we set off. By the time we reached the area where we have seen them before it wasn't looking too good. And then the ever hawk eyed Mrs W came up trumps again," I think I saw something black just over the wall," so it was hazards on, grab camera and bingo Black Grouse on the year list. which I have to say is still very modest, so won't go public just yet.
          On the way back down to Penrith the sun was in our eyes but gave good photo opportunities

Hopefully there will be an improvement in the weather tomorrow giving me a chance to add to the year list.

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