Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Return for seconed helping

Yes The Wood Sandpiper is still with us ,


                         I t was very active today flitting about from one area of the main pool then to another. constantly feeding. This proves at least that the water life IE water insects and anything that lives in the bottom mud has already established itself.

The sun was out in the afternoon and so it made a big difference as regards photos. For the first time as far as I'm aware there was a Canada Goose on one of the pools. Also the whole area was teaming with Swallows and House Martins

Great tit one of a few flitting through a near by hedge.

Look these up in any id book and it will tell you Oxeye Daisy, Leucanthemum vulgare, widespread and common , well they may be common but in my eyes they are an absolute show at this time of year
The forecast says cloud and rain for the rest of the week, lets hope they get it wrong again.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Third post in one day

Took the Westies out for their  morning walk and hadn't been in the house long when my phone went off and its Roy, "Wood Sandpiper " says the text, dam, its cloudy, looking like rain and I haven't even got the car. This means yomping all the way up to Thacker with all the gear in the hope of getting a half decent pic in poor light .

Wood Sandpiper,  by the time I got this shot large spots of rain are beginning to hit my back helped along by a stiff breeze

 Just one of a few Lapwing chicks that have defied all odds of survival
This is my first visit to the reserve for a long time as I didn't want to tangle with dog walkers that don't respect the new reserve.
I am really pleased the way its all took shape and its greening up beautifully, and its pulling in  the wildlife good and proper, Great.
So by 10am the rain is beginning to set in and with no proper protection for my equipment I set off home again.
At some point I'll put some before and after pics of the reserve, its really interesting

Saturday June 4th Sandpipers

Good job no boats being launched today otherwise one flat Common Sandpiper

Decided to spend another day with Les this time taking Mrs W and the Westies, arriving at the boat shed at about 8am. We were there before Les understandably as the Keswick beer festival is on this weekend, say no more.
So first of all myself and the Westies went to check out the Great Spotted Woodpecker nest, unfortunately the young have flown so no pics, at least I hadn't lugged my gear round there.

The sandpipers seemed more agitated today, and even more so when a Carrion Crow made the occasional appearance,

In between bouts of guard duty it would relax for a while and continue feeding

Then we had a second bird on view which I thought was strange because I'm thinking it was still sitting eggs,
this bird seems to have a hole in its beak.

Now she is stood on the concrete from the old launching ramp, then suddenly from one of the cracks,

This little fella pops up, a gorgeous Sandpiper chick. Not the best of picks I know but he was a good distance away and running like the clappers. before disappearing never to be seen again.

This is one of a few Juvenile Grey Wagtail that was constantly chasing insects.
So a good day was had by all, and this is in the same area as the Redstart a few weeks back.

Derwentwater Friday June the 3rd

Canada Goose has found something interesting on the lake bed

On the warmest day of the year so far for  Cumbria I decided to spend some time with my mate Les over on the isthmus.

Now enjoying a cooling shower.

I hadn't been there long when this Common Sandpiper appeared and started to hang around quite a bit

Common Sandpiper
I got the impression there was a nest close by and this could possibly be the male on guard.

And a spot of preening, keep the old feathers in good condition.
At lunch time e went over to the landings as Les had to drive the 12-30 launch round the lake, all good fun and an enjoyable trip, almost like being on holiday especially with the weather.
At three he had to go into Keswick so I dropped him off and came home.