Monday, 28 September 2009

Mrs W and myself had a fairly early start this morning and headed off down the M6 to Leighton Moss . We parked in the lay- by near the causeway and made our way to the Lower hide. We had close views of a Little Grebe and also a juvenile Great Crested Grebe. there was masses of Greylags on the mere and a good collection of other wildfowl including Pintail, and Pochard.
Next we popped into the public hide where the was Greenshank resting on the island in front of the hide , and there was a brief glimpse of a Kingfisher as it darted into the reeds.
By 11-30 we were making our way to the main centre and a brief look in at Lillian's before popping into the cafe for some lunch. After munching we went over to the Morecambe hide, and had the place to our selves for a while , a sure sign there is not much about. There was 20 odd Egrets, and it was reported that 51 had left the roost this morning including the Great White , but there was no sighting of it while we were there. It was a good day out though, pity about the drizzle closing vis. down a bit. The pics above are, small flock of Redshanks sheltering from the wind on the Allan pool, 7 Blacktail Godwits, and 1 of 2 Spotted Redshanks we found.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Thakcka Flood

Went up to the Thacka flood this morning taking Kyfer & Misty (the westies ) with me. A fair amount of activity too this morning , with the following seen.
2 Lesser Black-backed Gull + 1 immature, 1 Common Gull, c.50 Black-headed Gulls, 250 t0 300 Lapwing, 6 Jackdaws, 1 Stock Dove, about 12 Starling, 2 Pied Wagtail, 2 Goldfinch feeding on thistle heads, and a flock of 20 flew over. There was also numerous Crows about and rooks , so not a bad morning , apart from the fact that unlike yesterday there was no sun shining but still quite mild. The picture is a bracket fungi common name Tinder fungus , which I found near Surprise view over in Borrowdale mid week . All for now GW.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Sunday 20th Thacka flood

No the Crane wasn't at the flood , (that would be something) this was taken while we were birding in Norfolk. I called in at the flood through the week and it was a bit worrying as the was nothing about apart from a Magpie coming down for a drink and a gull flew over, there wasn't even any rabbits about. This was making me think someone had been down with a gun, sometimes the local plonkers go lamping in that area, and would also have a pop at any wildfowl that was about.
But Sunday morning things were back to normal, there was 9 Snipe, over a dozen Black-headed Gull, 4 Lesser Black-backed Gull plus an immature one, also juvenile Moorhen, a flock of Starlings and Stock doves on over head wires, and a Redstart had been seen on top of nearby drystone wall. It was a very warm morning with a light breeze, there are a few birders watching the flood and as the water level is dropping I think its just a matter of time before something good drops in
All for now GW.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Penrith Beacon , & Thacka flood

Climbing up the beacon by 8-45 this morning sun nice and warm with a slight breeze blowing. There is not usually a lot of activity on the beacon and this morning was no exception. I saw two Buzzards and heard two lots of Jays making their usual alarm racket. I generally walk the Eastern part of the beacon, which is nowhere near the main summit. It is planted mainly with Scots pine and quite open , with an under carpet of various types of heather, bilberry , some Gorse. If I go up the beacon I always take the Westies with me its a large area and they don't need to be on the lead, they always enjoy being up there , and its only occasionally we meet anyone else. Misty is still only 8 months old but has nearly caught up to Kyfer in size as can be seen.

Took a few fungi pics , if I've got the names wrong hopefully someone will put me right. After the beacon I had a look a the Thacka flood, still too much water so not a lot there, just a few Lapwings, half a dozen Blackheaded Gulls, two Lesser Black-Backed , and one Common Gull, and that was about it.
Fungi , Top. Stereum Gausapatum. middle, Marasmius Scorodonius. bottom, Calocera Viscosa.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Leighton area

Had a run out with family today had a look a Warton crag on the off chance the wryneck was still about but no chance. called in at Leighton Moss for a spot of lunch, and had a short chat to two nice guys at the next table about the camera lens he is using, and received good advice.

As it was a family outing we also visited Leighton Hall, all very interesting, the only disappointing thing about the day was the weather, light rain for most of our trip.

A few more pics from our Norfolk hols. Meadow Pipit Small Tortoiseshell & Juvenile Pied Wagtail.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A few pics from Norfolk Trip

Pics in order of decent,
Bearded Tit, Little Grebe.

Avocet, Little grebe & young.

Next 2, Green Woodpecker, and Woodpigeon.

Last 2, Curlew and Ruff.
A brilliant few days birding , with great weather, more pics to come.