Saturday, 23 April 2011

Perfect birding weather

Prunus Kanzan (flowering cherry)

I have continued my early morning visits to the patch which have been a bit mixed, the flash has had very little on just a few mallard, the occasional Lapwing and Stock Dove close by most mornings. The new Thacka beck nature reserve on the other hand has been doing OK, with recent sighting of Little Ringed plover yet again, sometimes 2 also more visits from the Ringed Plover, 2 Lapwing still sitting, and then the other day 2 White Wagtails amongst the Pied. At least 2 song thrush singing most morning by the M6, and  2 Red-legged Partridge in the same area.

Over at Bassenthwaite Lake the Ospreys are giving the powers that be the runaround, and have decided they don't want a man-made platform anymore, so have relocated yet again this time building their own nest down on the marsh. The amazing thing is they started building the nest last September after they had made sure the 2 young they had reared could fend for themselves. Then after approx. a 6000 mile round trip they arrive back and finish the job off at the beginning of April. Better co-operation than our present government, and no expenses claim for travel or materials.  this pic with a 300mm lens.

This pic digiscoped the following day, very hazy, both birds where on the nest. its funny really,  as I believe the nest can only be seen from from one viewpoint now and its miles away at that. Best views are from the lake itself.

Heron stalking the inhabitants of Bassenthwaite lake

Synchronised swimming, won't make the Olympics.

Wood Anemone

Another day and another trip out, this time down to Leighton Moss, calling at Sizergh castle, but no Hawfinch.

A Shell Duck with an Itch.

Black-tailed Godwit, both at Eric M hide. also at least 7 Avocet but at a good distance

Garganey from Grizedale hide

And Med Gull playing hide & seek, just did not want to show for a pic.
Next I moved on to Warton Crag where I was able  watch  a brilliant display by both Peregrines, including mating.

The weather was fantastic making it a very good day, in fact a good few days.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Birding in the sun

Rabbit, one of many enjoying the sun this morning.
 It was a really enjoyable day today with the weather being so warm. The day started off with a text from John saying There was a Little Ringed Plover and a Ringed Plover on the new reserve at Thacka. unfortunately by the time I got there they had been chased off by the breeding Lapwings. Fortunately they returned in the afternoon.

Ringed Plover.

Little Ringed Plover.
A couple of times the two came close to each other and you could see the difference in size and markings, but the pics were not good enough for posting , they were too far away.

Lapwing & Ringed Plover, a great difference in size.

I love this time of year all the buds opening and the trees beginning to green up
This is Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus)

Pied Wagtail, there has been quite a few on the new reserve
 and lastly a female Lapwing on her nest one of two pairs on the new Thacka beck nature reserve

A very enjoyable day.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Big bird over the patch

Location, Location, Location.
Check out the left chimney pot, a slug trail !! what on earth is a slug doing 30ft up on a chimney pot. Then my Daughter pointed out the trail is in the shape of a Smurf, spooky.
Up at the patch, we have nesting Lapwings on the new Thacka beck reserve, and a short staying Little Ringed Plover, and this evening 2 Ringed Plover. During the day we had a fly over Buzzard, and soon after a Sparrowhawk circled over head. The highlight of the day however was when my phone went off, and a very excited John F. on the line saying White Stork circling over the new reserve. Roy and myself raced to get there but it was a distant speck heading North by the time we arrived. Still at least things have picked up a bit, and not many can count White Stork on their patch list.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A quiet patch

More Spring flowers (Primrose)

There's not a lot happening on the patch at the moment, the Lapwings and Oystercatchers have mostly left for their breading areas, only one or two coming and going. A lone snipe was feeding  and showing well the other morning. Gulls mainly Black-headed and Lesser Black-backed come and go, and this morning the roof-tops on the industrial estate had a considerable number of the latter.  Roy text last night to report 2 Wheatear on the patch near the flash, so another species to the patch list.  And as I got out of the car yesterday morning a Greylag lifted off and headed South. Also close to the flash a pair of Magpies have built a nest right on the side of the M6.
In the backyard Crows and Jackdaws have been stripping bark from tree branches for nesting. And also Starlings have been taking the dead stalks from last years bedding plans in the window boxes for the same purpose.

The one and only Bob Dylan album I have in my LP collection I'm not sure Mr Colin Davies (St. Helens) would approve. Sorry Colin but I didn't get that deep into the guy, but did like his hits, hence the album.