Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pics from the Solway Firth

A Lapwing surrounded by Dunlin.
Another beautiful morning, out with the Westies first thing then decided to have a ride up to the Solway. The tide was just on the way out so it was good timing as regards the waders. There was large flocks of Dunlin flying round, the usual Reshank in small numbers, plenty of gulls mainly Black-headed, a few Curlew, but I was a bit limited as I only took the camera no scope so there could have been other bits and bobs.

Dunlin on the wing.

Then I drove up to the Campfield Marsh scrape area, all the shots from this location are distant pic from the road. The Great White Egret is still there plus a Little Egret, just about make out the Little Egret extreme Right
Great White Egret
There was a few Teal about and occasionally Snipe crept out of the Sedge
Moving on to Cardurnock and Anthorn I found a flock of a few hundred Barnacle Geese, I was expecting larger numbers. And also disappointingly no sign of any Golden Plover, there is usually a few hundred feeding in this area.

A small group of Mallard with a mystery duck behind the right hand two, anyone got any ideas?
Sun reflecting on the Solway , with Dumfries & Galloway mountains as a backdrop.


  1. good stuff Gordon! The Solway is a great place when the sun is shining!

  2. Thanks for that Ewan, yes it was an enjoyable couple of hours, hope to catch up with somtime for a crack.
    All the best Gordon.

  3. Great landscape with the beautiful mountains, and, of course, beautiful birds:)

  4. Thanks Tammy, it was a beautiful day to be out, unlike today Monday, dark and damp. Ho for some Florida sunshine ;-)
    Take care Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.