Friday, 23 November 2012

A few Corvids

Carrion Crow
By 10-30 this morning we had almost a clear blue sky, just the odd white cloud. So I thought too good to miss, and grabbing camera and bins I set off.  I decided to head off down to the Eamont river to see what state it was in after yesterdays storm, unfortunately this meant a long plod through town on account I didn't have the car. However it was nice to have the sun on my face and pic up a little vitamin D. Ha.

Just on the edge of town I found a few Crows .
Then I crossed the A66 and went down into Emont Bridge, the path by the river was a bit muddy to start off but it got worse as I plodded on. In a grazing field by the river I found more Crows and quite a few Rooks, some on the ground feeding others perched up in trees .


Tree full of Rooks

And one lone Rook keeping guard

The river was in full flood and in places had been over the bank earlier.

At other times of the year it is possible to walk across the weir but to day the speed of the water was terrific.

The force of the water hear was unbelievable

A mixed group of  Gulls  Common and Black-headed where making the most of the flood.
Just after I took this photo I looked to the South-West and was shocked to see the sky was black, and heading my way. the next thing it poured down and continued till I got home, I was soaked.


  1. Looks like a lovely walk, Gordon! Very nice capture of the Rook! I think it is a very interesting look bird with its oversized bill! Take care.

  2. Thanks Tammy, it was a lovely walk untill the rain came.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.