Thursday, 8 November 2012

Enviromental disaster

These two photos where shown not too long ago in an earlier post
An absolute delight, the flood , the flash whatever people wanted to call it, was always a hive of activity, waders and wildfowl and lots of them. Over 100 different species recorded by the local birders.    And now because two land owners had a disagreement (and they are related to boot) this is the scene.
The whole area is being levelled and will be reseeded.

All the wild live gone, at times there could be as many as 300+   Lapwings roosting and feeding on or near the area, now nothing. The only water at the moment is from recent rain. We use to get more birds on this area than we will ever get on the new reserve.
I continued my walk around the area, finding a Kestrel hunting over an area of rough grass but too distant for pics.

A few Mallard splashing about on the pond.
Anything she can do I can.
A Common Gull, one of a few mixed in with Black-headed Gulls
This Jackdaw was finding a tuft of sedge interesting , can't think why, unless there was some grubs in it.
And the Longhorns are still on the reserve creating quite the pastoral scene


  1. Sorry to hear this birding hot spot has suffered such a change! That is a neat photo of the Jackdaw & its sage tuft! All the best, Gordon!

  2. Thanks for that Tammy, yes its a great loss to wildlife and all the birders.
    Take care Tammy Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.