Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gulls and things

 With a slight improvement in the weather this morning, I was keen to get out and about with the camera, it would just have to be a local walk about as I didn't have the car. So out with Westies first and the out again after I had had a cuppa.

I'd passed the Gillwilly playing fields earlier with the dogs and there was about 100 Common Gulls resting on the football pitch, but an hour later  a lot of them had relocated to the reserve, and what was left had turned into a mixed flock of Common and Black-headed.
      The sun was trying to break through and it was turning into quite a pleasant morning, although by 1pm it was all change again and back to yesterdays weather, dull and miserable.

As I entered the reserve a flock of geese flew over, Greylags I think but bad to tell.

On the main patch of water there was quite a few gulls, this one a Common Gull was enjoying a wash & brush up, so I took the following sequence of pics as it continued.


Apart from gulls some Mallard and Moorhens there was nothing of interest, so I moved on up to the top track, and the area where the flood use to be. As I arrived there was a huge flock of Lapwing just coming in to land.

This is just a small section of what came flying in.

Its hard to get an impression from this image but there would be close on 300, its amazing the area has been destroyed and yet they still come back. again this pic only covers part of the flock.
As I was taking pics of the Lapwings a tree close by was suddenly inundated with Fieldfares about 100 altogether

One of many Fielfares in the tree. eventually they left heading in a NW direction.

And lastly I couldn't resist this Rhus Typhina, it looked great in the sun.
That might be it for a while as the weather outlook is rather grim. Thanks for looking in.

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