Thursday, 29 November 2012

A brief visit to Lancashire

The forecast was for a sunny day, and that's what we got. unfortunately we also got a hard frost, so it was a very cold day.
          Nevertheless not wanting to waste a sunny day, I was up bright and early and soon heading South into lancashire, and Leighton Moss. First off a walk along the causeway where I had my first encounter----

A Robin practically begging for food.

I had to keep backing away from it as it was too close for my lens.
Also this Magpie foraging, they don't usually let you get this close.

Quite a bit of the meres where covered with ice but there was still areas of open water made so by the likes of these Swans and other wild fowl and Coots.

Two distant Swans keeping the water moving.
I had a quick look in at Lillian's hide plenty of Teal, Tufted Duck, some Shoveler, and a few Wigeon.
  There was nothing from the other hides, even the marsh pools where dead.
      So I move on to the Silverdale shore, where I found a couple of pair of Mergansers, some distant Wigeon, ditto Shell Duck , and Goldeneye.

Male Red-breasted Merganser.

A pair of Mergansers.

Looking across a misty Morecambe Bay at Heysham nuclear power station.
Back home I paid a call on Kieth at Flusco , where there was good views of  Blencathera half covered in snow.

Blencathra, the sun now starting to disappear behind the cloud that was beginning to roll in.
As I was stood talking to Kieth these two male pheasants started to face off and spar, I think they must have their seasons mixed up.

Thanks for looking in , all the best.

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