Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sun & Rain

This was the view the other morning with my back to the flood.
It just happened to be a good morning with a touch of frost, we are having alternate days at the moment, Sun one day, rain the next.
There hasn't been a great deal going on of late around the flood, the Lapwings have been putting in a regular appearance, with numbers creeping up towards the 300 mark. Mallard numbers have fluctuated, with on the odd occasion a Teal turning up. Gull numbers on the flood have generally been down, but this I think is due to the fact that many are now paying attention to the new pools created by the new flood alleviation scheme. These new pools by the way are officially going to be called the Thacka Pools, as stated by the Cumbria wild life trust, it will be interesting to see what happens to these pools if we get a "hot" summer!!, well come on we must be due one surely. There has been Snipe too but only in small numbers, and I haven't seen a high count since Autumn.
Feeding birds in the yard has produced as many as 14 Chaffinch mainly female, usually accompanied by a few Starling, six or so House Sparrows, 2 Collared Dove , 1Robin, Jackdaws, and occasionally a Pied Wagtail.
I; like many birders are looking forward to a more prolonged spell of good weather, hope we don't have too long to wait !!.

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