Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spring is on the way

Barnacle Goose, unfortunately not on the flood.

 Took the Westies for their walk this morning, and had a look in at the flood. A quick scan with the binocks revealed a lot of activity, but there was a freezing cold wind blowing and also a dusting of snow, so decided to walk the dogs first. Having done this I put my mits on and started to do a count, over 200 Lapwing, but the interesting thing was that there was 8 Oystercatchers on view, and there could have been more behind the rubble mound.  Also 7 Snipe, and then a mixed flock of about 100 gulls came in mainly Black-headed Gulls with a few Common Gulls. So Oystercatchers back, Spring not too far away.

Green Iguana in my mates garden in Miami, yes I was birding in the freezing cold this morning and I started thinking of all the birding and wildlife watching I have done in the lovely hot sunshine of Florida.

Fort Jefferson Dry Tortuga's and the Gardens within, what a fantastic place this was to visit, we went via boat from Key West, the Quality of birding here is fantastic and also the snorkeling, I'm feeling warmer already.

Brown Pelican,  you can't go anywhere in Florida without seeing these. Unfortunately the last time we were there was 2005 and I've nearly always concentrated on video which is in analog, so I have very little in digital, after 5 visits, C'est La Vie. 

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