Friday, 18 February 2011

The patch, and family outing, nudge nudge

There wasn't much change on the patch this morning, other than the fact that there was still a very cold wind blowing. However Oystercatchers were down, seeing as its turned cold again they are maybe thinking they have arrived too early. I decided to give the Westies an extra mile this morning and we continued along the top track to have a look at the new Thacka pools. Again the only things about was the gulls at a distance, and not too many at that. a mix of Black-headed, common, and Lesser Black-backed Gulls.
       It was cold, overcast and generally not the kind of day to go out joyriding, but driving back home I was formulating a plan, (this was my lets not waste diesel twitching plan) . So back home I asked Mrs W and the Daughter would they like a trip to Hayes garden centre Ambleside.(birders in the know will see where this is going). So lunch at the centre was enjoyable if as my Daughter pointed out a bit on the expensive side. This was followed by a walk round the place before we split up, the Daughter walking into Ambleside, while Mrs W and myself headed for the lake and the real reason for this little outing the Long-tailed Duck. I didn't hold much hope of seeing it,as if it was still around the lake was a bit on the choppy side. luck was on my side for once as it was the first thing my bins pick up.

Even as a record shot its a bit desperate, it was a light year away and it was asking too much of my 300mm lens, but there you go, anyone looking for an easy year tic then this is it.
     All the best.

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