Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Outing in Icy wind

Common Gull
  Juvenile Common Gull

The day started off on the patch in an icy NE wind eyes streaming and struggling with the bins. However there was a few Snipe about, 22 Mallard , and to start with 4 Lapwing , then the usual 100 or so started to arrive, but didn't settle for long, as the next thing to arrive was a Buzzard and immediately all the Lapwings lifted again.

Just before lunch myself, wife and daughter headed over to Keswick, and after my daughter had completed her business we made our way down to the lake. There was the usual congregation of Mallard and geese waiting for food, also quite a few Black-headed Gulls, bur no Meds amongst them, but a couple of Common Gulls were present.

Teal X.

Greylag Goose
 In Calf-close-bay we found more Mallard and also Goosanders and Mergansers, we took the shortest route back to the town centre and then home to thaw out.

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