Thursday, 17 February 2011

The patch & nostalgia

Up at the patch this morning with the Westies, first a quick scan with the bins. then a walk with the Kyfer & Misty, then back at the flood with the scope. At first I could only see one Snipe which I thought unusual so went over the same ground again and two more heads popped up, but three is a low count considering the ground is good and soft now. There was also 200 Lapwing, steady numbers at the moment till they start nesting, then I guess we will lose a few. Oystercatchers down this morning 7, and 3 Mallard, 2 male 1 female. A Blue Tit was hurling abuse at me from the tree I was sheltering behind, and apart from a few Corvids flying about that was it.
           Back home and time for a cuppa, as I was taking the first warming gulps my eyes were perusing the book case and all the bird books on it amongst the many others. I went along the line until I spotted the two oldest bird books I bought myself, and have owned the longest. Purchest when I was a kid and looking all tatty and grubby.

On the inside facing the preface page it says c. FREDERICK WARNE & CO, LTD, 1937  29th Edition 1957. I probably bought it about then.
      and of course if you had this one then you had to have its mate----

The state they are in, but there again they were in constant use for quite a while, as can be seen this one lost its dust cover many moons ago.
       And inside this one, c FREDERICK WARNE & CO. LTD. 1954
           Revised Edition 1954
             Third Reprint 1957
 They were possibly bought around about the same time, small books but the amount of pleasure I got out of them made them great.

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