Saturday, 12 February 2011

A sunny day and ducks

Pochard on Derwentwater
Had a bit of a late start today as I was killing 2 ***** with 1 brick as it were. My Daughter was going over to the Keswick film festival as She was doing a day course on directing, something She wants to do as a career, She has already had a weeks work experience on Lewis, an ITV production filmed in Oxford. and also a weeks work experience with Carnival films in London, (they had just completed Downton Abbey while She was there) so it is something She is quite serious about. anyone out there in the business please please give us a call!!.
So as I was taking her over what better chance to spend some time with my mate Les on the Isthmus till my Daughter had finished her course.  And of coarse I kept an eye on the Lake at the same time. It was 10 by the time I got there and the lake was calm and any sound echoed over the water, at one point Les was having a conversation with one of  his workmates on the other side of the lake as the sound was carrying so well.
It was great listening to the Canada Geese (which are all paired up now) and also the Greylags their calls bouncing round the lake. There was also a few Cormorants, Goldeneye, 3 Pochard, a small group of Tufted Duck, and Goosander. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was knocking 7 bells out of a tree in the wood, and a good number of Blue Tits about.

                                       Tufted Duck Derwentwater

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