Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thacka, ups and downs

So we had a couple of Ruff call in at the flood, does this mean we have to pay for it in the next few days by having nothing at all. Well that's exactly what happened, some days not even a Lapwing or a Mallard. At the moment there doesn't seem any reason for it, unless they are being disturbed by people with Lurchers, as one or two have been seen from time to time, but no real evidence.

one of Thacka's resident Blue Tits.

I was up at the flood last night and things have started to return, eg. approx. 2 hundred Lapwings, and this morning possibly the highest number of Mallard I have seen on there.
There was also a Snipe visible, and believe me after the last few days this is good, maybe the bad  weather had brought everything back to shelter, I bet the lads on the coast are having a field-day.  
A few times when Ive been up there walking the Westies the sky has been full of Swallows and House Martins, maybe heading South but looked to be just milling around and feeding.

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