Thursday, 16 September 2010

A fall of Wagtails

Had a couple of trips up to the flood yesterday with varying results. Mid morning very little on a few Mallard and that was about it. Then went up at 5 to walk the Westies still not a lot going on, a few more mallard and one or two Lapwings beginning to appear, plus a few Starlings.
        I had another look in at 7pm. there was about 50 Lapwings Mallard numbers were up to about 30, but nowhere near the numbers flighting (new word) in compared to the other night when John and myself were up there, it was a continuous stream of Mallard flighting in. By the time we left there could have been close on 100 Mallard on the flood. The best thing about last nights visit was the amount of Pied Wagtails milling about all over the grass and around the flood, and there was one or two Whites mixed in. They were feeding around the horses where there would be more insects being disturbed, then one of the horses snorted and about 50 wags lifted off and headed South West, even so there was still a few milling about on the field and on the flood.

When the sun starts to set at the flood
you have to change your view point
otherwise you can't see a thing.

The sun and birds I love em both

Took the Westies for their morning walk this morning, and the Lapwing were up to 100 Mallard numbers had dropped, there was about 30 or so Starlings , a few Corvids about , a Stock-dove on the wires, and a  Kestrel flew in briefly, the first I have seen up there for a while.

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