Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A little wader on the flood

Reed head with web Leighton Moss

Took the Westies up to the flood twice today, and after giving them  a walk I  started to scope the flood. First impression was just the usual stuff on, then from a load of rubble two heads popped up, snipe but needed a better view point to scope them properly. So I plodded up to the top wall, this gives a view about 90* to the first position. As regards the snipe I hadn't gained much of an advantage, so started scoping the Lapwings, while doing so another flew in and disturbed a small wader, although at first I thought it was another Starling till I focused correctly, and it turned out to be a juvenile Dunlin.
   I called up again at about 5pm and John was already there telling me that said wader was still pottering about. There was also a good number of Mallard on again, and before I left the place was heaving with Pied Wagtails, it looks like this is happening most evenings.

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