Monday, 6 September 2010

A bit of Ruff

The flood has been dead for weeks and we were all getting a bit despondent. Then yesterday I was sat at home just having 5 as you do, when off goes my phone and its John the birder. I'm at the flood and I'm looking at a Ruff says He. I'm out of the chair and grabbing my scope before you can say Jack-snipe. When I got up there Roy had beat me to it, so that made 3 of us 3 and a half if you count Roy's son. By the time I'm stood beside them we are looking at 2 Ruff.  
Ruff Thacka flood, apologies for poor quality
but as the saying goes, its a record shot.
Also for the first time this season 3 Snipe, gulls where coming and going and the usual flock of Lapwings was there.
       I called up a couple of time today, but I could only find 1 Ruff, and 1 Snipe, about 100 or so Starlings where mixing in with the Lapwing. I was just leaving in the car when a load of Goldfinches flew over the car, hard to count when driving but guesstimate would be at least 30 possibly more.

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