Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Patch regaind

Their vans where nothing like this, believe me.

Had a walk up to the flood this morning and it was good to see the last of the gypos were decamping, fair doos though they were at least litter picking, or maybe the powers that be  had  told them to do so.
 Back to birding and on the flood the Lapwings are still building with possibly 300 or more, Mallard where up to 44, and 4 Snipe could be seen in the small area of sedge. There was also a few Stock dove about but none settled anywhere.
Next I made my way down to Thacka lane , the new flood alleviation scheme is coming along quite well. The Thacka beck has been re-routed and now has a nice meander across the new site, where-as before it ran a straight coarse from one side of the site to the other. Also small ponds of varying size have been created, and should increase in size when we have had some decent rain.
As regard birds, the ponds are already beginning to attract a few, over 12 Common Gulls were on one of the ponds a while back and this morning 2 Pied Wagtails on one pond and 2 more on another. Also finches coming out of the Hawthorns to bath in yet another pond, and quite a few Corvids were about, its all looking very promising, digits crossed.

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