Monday, 27 September 2010

Patching on hold

The Westies, some times birding partners.

Not a lot of patch work at the moment due to the fact that the gypos are back right by the side of the patch, until such times as the police decide to move them on. They don't only spoil it for birders , they also spoil it for lots of other people that choose to walk up in that area of Thacka.  However over the last two visits the main thing of note is that Lapwing numbers have still been climbing with over 2oo on and around the flood at times. Apart from that though there has been little of note, there seems to have been far more of interest in other parts of the country though, Blakeney Point for instance, where every man and his dog has been catching planes trains automobiles and boats to catch the Empidonax !! catch being the word, as I thought it was something that even the strongest antibiotics couldn't cure, the latest NHS problem. But no its another one of our American cousins having been blown unceremoniously across the pond to land on our welcoming shores.
Full marks though to those who made the effort , and came back triumphantly with splendid photos to prove that it was in fact a bird and not the latest pandemic.

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