Monday, 17 May 2010

wandering about Thacka and nearby woods

Up soon after 7 this morning, breakfasted then took the dogs round the block. The car had to go into the the garage again so decided to leave the Westies at home. I dropped the car off then continued on through Gilwilly and on to Thacka.
I had a look at the settling pond first, just a few Mallard and a couple of Moorhens
The flood wasn't much more productive, two male Mallard plus female cavorting, and another female with 5 young. There was 1 Lapwing & 1 Oystercatcher close by. Chatting to the owner of the big house , and I was informed that Roe Deer has been seen in the area in the last few days
While pottering about in some woods close to the area I found the Cowslip, photo above, and this young Tawny Owl, keeping my distance I took this long lens photo while the mother called close by, I just hope she can keep the predators away.

It was a beautiful morning but still that cold wind blowing.  The young owl was the only exciting thing I found, a selection of warblers could be heard, and the usual corvids over or feeding in the fields and that was about it .

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