Monday, 3 May 2010

Morning walkabout with the Westies

Misty nearest to camera looking mischievous
before rolling in poo !!

Even though there was a cold wind blowing the sun was warm, and it seemed to be lighting up all the Blackthorn blossom, which is a bit later than further South in the country.

We took the track from Thacka that runs along side the railway, and just after taking the photo of the blossom, a bird flew up into a bush and it turned out to be this young Mistle Thrush.
We just pottered about following various tracks, only turning back just before reaching the river petteril. Also on our wanderings we saw quite a few butterflies, 3 Orange-tip, 1 Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, and this Green-veined White, giving a friend a ride ?. and the only one that stayed still long enough for a pic.
We had been lucky with the weather, the Westies, particularly Misty enjoying swims in Thacka beck. Our timing was good as we hadn't been in the house long when it started raining and there was very little sun for the rest of the day.

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