Monday, 31 May 2010

Common as muck

The most common birds by far on the Scillys are, top of the list must be House sparrows, you even find them on the beaches, close second must be Starling, and in third place Song Thrush, the later being very tame.
         We stayed in a very good B&B (The Lookout)  less than 50 yds. from Porthcressa beach and bay. This little chap or chapess (just to keep things politically correct) had also booked in for evening meal as he-she appeared at the same time every evening.

                           Er two sugars in mine please.

No not drinking it until you put two in.

Are you looking at me?.

 Black birds also tried getting in on the act but the Thrushes were having none of it .

 View from B&B window when Thrushes didn't get in the way. 

My theory for Sparrow and Thrushes being so plentiful on the Isles is, there is little or no weed killers and pesticides used. Where as on the mainland your average council sees a blade of grass poke through a path or pavement , and it is instantly drenched in Roundup, no grass or weed , no seed,  no seed no Sparrows. Simple ( Meerkat) .

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