Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tuesday May 18th

        One of the Blue Tits near the flood now feeding young
                                                              High wire act Kestrel near flood    

I'm just looking at these two photos and thinking, one could be fodder for the other.
        Had a walk up Thacka first thing, not a great deal knocking about, the 5 young Mallard are still surviving but for how long. There was 2 Blackbacks also on the flood and were no doubt eyeing up the little yellow balls of fluff skittering about and sometimes quite a distance from moms protection.

 And below a poor pic of 2 of the 3 Stock Doves on the far side of the flood sunning themselves.

  Just before lunch I had a ride over to Haweswater, where the car park was doing a good trade so had to park by the side of the road.
        I took the foot path that leads up to the Eagle watch point but didn't intend going that far. I was mainly wanting to scan the fell just below the watch point where in the past I have found Ring Ouzel , but not today, not a sight nor sound.
       On the way up by the water there was a mixed flock of Canada and Greylag geese the later with well developed young, pic below.

Also along the waterline was several Common Sandpipers, and Pied Wagtails. Other things consisted of , 1 Heron 1 Great Crested Grebe, and the usual Blackbacks on the island.
On the walk I met two guys from Windermere and had an enjoyable crack with them.

At night it was back up to the flood again as John gave me a ring to say there was a Yellow Wagtail giving good views. Excellent as this was a first for me. Perfect end to a perfect day, and the sun shone all the time, great.

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