Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Short trip on my own

More often than not when a trip down to Leighton Moss is on the cards Mrs W usually comes along, unfortunately today She was working, (well somebody has to) and as 2 Spoonbills had been seen yesterday I thought I would chance my arm, at least there was an improvement
in the weather down there. The Spoonies had been last seen on the Allen pool, so I drove straight to the marshes. Unfortunately no Spoonbills for Gordon had to make do with this Heron, and the Black-tailed Godwits putting on a splendid areal display

By the paths leading to the hide there was quite a few Sedge Warblers in song and there was a few Wrens knocking about too, which is good after the winter we had.
Fleeting views of Bearded Tits near the Tim Jackson hide and more Sedge Warblers plus Reed Warblers along the causeway, but pics not good enough to post due to excess vegetation. It was an enjoyable short visit. 

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