Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A ride up to the Solway

On Saturday I had a ride up to the Solway (I know I've been busy), it was a sunny morning and I thought I would make the most of it. I took the Westies out first thing and noted a few Lapwings and Black-headed Gulls around the remains of the flash. Also numbers of Blackbird along the top track , but no Thrushes.
      Back home I grabbed a few goodies before setting off for the Solway. As soon as I hit the marsh road I stopped a few times before finding an area that looked promising as regards waders. The first thing my eyes picked up was this Redshank, and I couldn't make out weather it had something wrong with one of its legs, maybe only one leg, I couldn't be sure.

Redshank, one leg or is it a ring, and the lower half is obscured with grass.
          The tide had turned so everything was beginning to move out onto the replenished mud, and putting a strain on my meagre lens.

Further on and two more Redshank accompanied by a lone Oystercatcher.
Another Rdshank, the water surface was so calm and good as regards reflections.


And Sanderling where flying up and down the waters edge, always nice to watch them weaving and twisting their way along the estuary.

At first glance its hard to make out birds from reflections, Sanderling.

Also a few Mallard about.

More Sanderling.

And a distant Curlew.

Then in a tree next to the car, this little beauty turned up, Song Thrush.

And then it went all unsociable on me and turned away.
 Next I drove on, stopping at Cardurnock when I saw a large flock of birds lift up from grazing land, they turned out to be Lapwing.

This is just a fraction of the flock

Lapwings, Green plover, or Peewit, are some of the names given to these beautiful birds.
Thank you for looking in, and way not follow the link to Stewarts wild bird Wednesday for more beautiful birds.----http://paying-ready-attention-gallery.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default


  1. Lovely.... particularly enjoy watching the Sanderlings, a really charismatic species. Love the warm tones of the Song Thrush too


  2. beautiful shorebirds and great reflections, too!

  3. Fantastic images Gordon...and in my opinion it looks like the oystercatcher is dressed for a black tie affair!!

  4. Very nice finds.....and it's always so lovely to see them fly over the water. There is nothing quite like it. Seems like you had a beautiful day birding:)

  5. Terrific shots. I like Sanderlings in flight!

  6. Great to see all those birds. The reflections of the birds are especially beautiful - and I love shorebirds!!

  7. Brilliant images of the shorebirds, thanks for coming round to my site.

    1. I enjoyed your site Bob, and will be back.
      All the best Gordon.

  8. A great serie. So much to see!

  9. Lovely flight shots with reflections.

  10. Wonderful variety of birds and lovely photos! The flights are awesome!

  11. I really enjoyed your post, Gordon! Felt like I was there with you. Very nice in-flight shots of those Sanderlings and Lapwings.

    Hope your week is going well!

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, they are always appreciated.
    All the best to you all, Gordon.

  13. Heerlijk om zo buiten te zijn en zoveel tegen te komen.

  14. Fantastic in flight captures Gordon. I love the Song Thrush nestled among the red berries. well done :)

  15. Hi Gordon. great birds sent and lovely flight shots

  16. I do love the little shorebird photos. So peaceful and cute. I guess nature is the one thing we can count on. cheers Nora.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.