Thursday, 26 December 2013

In flight

Black-headed Gull

Another beautiful day in Cumbria, sun from the word go, and a keen frost, even the pavements where white.
    The Westies had a second outing soon after lunch, as we had a wonder round the patch. It was good to have the sun on my back, but it was a nippy wind coming out of the South to South West.
   If anything the patch offered up even less than yesterday. In the big hedge where the bullfinch where yesterday there was nothing, and up at the flash again nothing.
   Back on the reserve there was quite a few Moorhens on show but at a distance, and apart from Mallards and Gulls that was about it. So it was at the Gull my lens was pointed at first, and this post shows the flight of the Black-headed Gull.

And after the aerial display time for a rest.
Thank you for looking in.


  1. Nou het model was je heel goed gezind.

  2. A great serie of photos!
    Happy New Year to you!

  3. What a beautiful gull. I've never seen one before. Great captures, Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.