Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hair cut and Birding ?

The other day I had a ride over to see Keith, one of the lads I use to work with. The crack is always good with Keith, and there is always a cup of tea on offer. During our conversation I half jokingly said, "I nearly brought my new dog trimming kit so you could cut my hair", "no need " says He I already have a hair trimmer. Later in the conversation He said "well do you want a hair cut or not?" and 10 minutes later It was all over and a grand job too, so that saved me a few shekels.
      So one cup of tea and a hair cut later, we went outside to see if anything was about on the wildlife front. Not a lot really, so just fired a few shots off of what there was.

High up on Keith's roof there was this Robin .
And a winter plumage Pied Wagtail

It had a yellowish head and no black bib.

And on the log pile one of two Hedge Sparrows flitting about. 
There was also a Wren about but too active to capture with the lens.

And the leaves are still hanging on, this just outside our house.
Thank you for looking in, and now have a look at more gorgeous birds by following the link to Stewarts wild bird Wednesday.  ---  http://paying-ready-attention-gallery.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. Nice to have a friend like that and great photos of all the birds.

  2. A haircut and pretty bird sightings. Sounds like a fruitful outing. Love the Wagtail and the pretty robin!

  3. What a great friend he is! I love the robin and the wagtail. Have a lovely day!

  4. Great shots of birds. Nice variety.

  5. How very cool to have someone who'll cut your hair for you! Very nice phtos of the pied wagtail too!

  6. What a fine friend! The little Robin is adorable (much cuter than our Robins)! The plumage of the wagtail is beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  7. Thank you Tammy, and a big thank you to all of my visitors and your kind comments.
    All the best and take care, Gordon.

  8. A fine hair cut and the great bird pics all in one visit is a very good day :)

    1. Thank you for that Pam, and for joining my site. I have put a link to yours in my blog list.
      All the best, Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.