Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Borrowdale and North West Lakes

Well what a fantastic morning, the sun was shining, that made a change, and there had been a white frost. So went  out with the dogs first thing round the top half of the patch, but not a great deal about, Black-headed Gulls being the most numerous bird with the odd Common Gull amongst them.
    Back home for a quick cuppa and thaw out a bit then it was off to Keswick and the Isthmus to see my mate Les. After a chat and a hand over of Christmas card, I wonderd round the Lake shore checking out the sheltered areas but nothing apart from Mallard. The lake was very high after all the rain last night,  this and the strong cold wind may have had a bearing on the fact that there was very little about.

Looking West from the Isthmus, Nickle End Marine to the extreme left and Derwent boat club on the right of photo, The mountain is Grisedale Pike 2593ft and is usually climbed from Braithwaite.

Then looking South down the Lake and its beginning to look stormy down there
 After  a while I left Les and headed off pass Bassenthwaite Lake which looked very bleak so didn't bother stopping off, instead I headed for Silver Meadows reserve near Dubwath and had a walk round there. The wind was biting so mitts was adorned, which just makes taking pics a bit more awkward.
  There was 2 buzzard on the reserve, but didn't reveal them selves enough for pics, but the feeding stations where doing a decent trade.

Two Coal tits.

Coal Tit.

Blue Tit on the right, blue Tit ghost on the left.

And its back in the living world

Great Tit kept putting in an appearance.

Blue and Great Tit

I decided to drive back via Lorton and Whinlatter pass stopping off half way to take the following shots.

Bassenthwaite Lake and the marsh, home to one of the Lake Districts pair of Ospreys

And then swinging round to the right a few degrees,

The great sprawling mass of Skiddaw 3053 ft.
Hope you enjoy the little outing, linking to Stewarts wild bird Wednesday---http://paying-ready-attention-gallery.blogspot.co.uk/  
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  1. Great photos from the birdfeeder!
    Well done!

  2. Beautiful scenic views and the birds are all cute! Wonderful series!

  3. Beautiful scenery! Great feeder shots!

  4. Magnificent scenery and the little birds at the feeders are very cute.

  5. Beautiful scenery. I love watching the tits. They're adorable.

  6. You certainly have some wonderful scenery in your part of the world Gordon. Around here it's flat as a pancake. It must be great to go for a short drive to see the Ospreys each year.

  7. Wow...great images of the birds of your part of the world Gordon!! And such lovely landscape.

  8. Beautiful serene lake. Love those little birds.

  9. A very humbling countryside...... I have walked \ Rambled \ sometimes stumbled \ and not very often climbed in this area..... its a wonderful place.

    Love the Ghost Tit, I have tonnes of images like that....lol

  10. Oh my gosh that is stunning country where you live! And I am always envious of the coal tits and blue tits... wish I could see them in person.

    I have seen ospreys , lots of them really, but I have NEVER seen such a beautiful picture of one as in your header shot. Just mesmerizing.

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I appreciate them all .
    Thanks again, and all the best Gordon.

  12. I love the mountains and countryside scenery Gordon. The blue and coal tits are so cute :)
    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  13. the long-tails are certainly the cutest birds, ever, but i think of all the tit species i've seen from the uk, coal tits are my favorite. they are so much like our cute chickadees. :)

  14. It's great to see so many visitors to your feeder.

  15. Hi Gorden. wonderful countryside and I love the blue and cola tits.

  16. Nice pictures! I look forward to seeing some of these common (rare to me!) birds next year!

    Skiddaw! I remember I very wet night up there doing a navigation assessment - I think the terms we were using by the end of the night were a lot less polite than "great sprawling mass"!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.