Friday, 5 April 2013

A bit of wild life on Key Biscayne

Common Ground-Dove
We decided to spend some time on Key Biscayne and Bill Baggs--Cape Florida wild life area. After a walk round one section of the area, my wife and Daughter headed for the beach, my wife to catch some sun, and my Daughter swimming. This was my Daughters second trip to Biscayne, as she drove the 40mils or so from my mates house to go to the Miami tennis tournament, a night match at that. this is her first time driving in America, and to do this trip on her own, well I am quite proud of her.
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This was one of a pair, and as can be seen it has been banded,(ringed)

A really attractive little bird

Iguana, this one wandering along the sea wall.
While my wife and Daughter were relaxing, I put in a lot of walking, covering a big area of Mangrove and mixed dry land,but it was a lot of effort for nothing, as I saw very Little bird life, and no migrants coming through.

On the outer side of the sea wall this came sailing by, Portuguese Man o' War. Strangely beautiful to look at but could be very painful to swim with.

 And out across the bay the last (sadly) of the Stilt houses.

One of 7 remaining stilt houses. I don't think any are occupied any more. See WIKI. for the full story of  Stiltsville
And lastly.

A couple of Raccoons scavenging


  1. Wow give your daughter credit for swimming in the ocean. Us floridians dont go in till june. Water temp must be at least 80 lol we are whimps. Great shots of the man of war in the water.

    1. Thank you for that girls, my you were quick off the mark I had only just posted. you, may have noticed there was no mention of me swimming !!!
      Thanks again Gordon.


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