Friday, 12 April 2013

Stilts at Wakodahatchee

Black-necked Stilt, I have only ever seen this species once before, so it was a very pleasant surprise when 2 of them showed very well for the camera.

They are such a delicate looking bird

I could have spent for ever taking pics, but time was running out.

Right next to them was this Black-bellied Whistling Duck , and Glossy Ibis

I love the reflection on this one

As I took pics of the Stilts, my Daughter pointed this out right behind my, Iguana, which is described in ID books as " A large arboreal lizard" well not wrong there then,

And lastly a Double-crested Cormorant
And now sadly, time had run out and we had to leave this wonderful paradise for birds. even if I didn't have the many photos of this place that I have, the name Wakodahatchee ( the name is derived from Seminole Indian language and translates as "created waters" ) will stay in my memory for ever.
 Follow this link to learn more about the place 
      There is one more post to come, from our little adventure, then it will be back to struggling to find a bird  that is willing to come within camera distance, back in England. birding in freezing weather, ho joy.
    Thank you for looking in.


  1. Nice stilts - different place - same species!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks for that Stewart, Yes as you will know in England its Black-winged not Black-necked.
      All the best Gordon.


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