Friday, 29 March 2013

Waders, & Matheson Hammock part one

Young Black Racer doing its hunting in a tree

So Matheson Hammock, We had 2 visits to the East side of Old Cutler and one to the West, the reason for this was we spend quite a bit of time driving along Old Cutler and its easy to pop in.
     Not a lot doing around the ponds near the entrance apart from the snake, although there was some peckers about that where quite small but unfortunately didn't get a positive ID.
     Round the lagoon and the loop however was something worth the look, starting with --------

This little beauty, Semipalmated Plover, of which there was quite a few.

Easy to spot near the water, but on the loop where there was a rough area of ground they where well camouflaged.

Semipalmated Plover.

Also a nice little flock of Ruddy Turnstones

I purposely put the front one out of focus to emphasise the water droplets on the back one.

Next up was a bit of a surprise when a little flock of these flew in, I think the camera was shaking a bit with excitement.

Least Sandpiper

Last of the Least Sandpiper.
Then not wanting to miss the party this little beauty turned up.

Killdeer, what a gorgeous bird.

Killdeer, handsome what.

And what hidden colours.

and it wouldn't be a party without these guys Boat-tailed Grackle
It gives the impression its drinking, but this would not be the case it being salt water, so it must be catching insects or invertebrates

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