Wednesday, 6 March 2013


No photos for this post, this is a post to show solidarity with the rest of the birding world, and at the same time ask my readers and followers to follow this link read what the guy has to say on his post " Murdering Scum........  then follow the link from his sight to the e-petition. We have got to try and make a difference, and stop the killing of Harriers and other raptors on upland moors.
       The persecution doesn't  apply just to the upland moors, it goes on in our valleys and on the fringe of our towns. In fact anywhere a game bird shoot is set up, all raptors or hawks are quickly eradicated, either by the use of poison or with the gun.
        And as if all that wasn't sad enough a new generation of trainees are being taught all these skills in our various agricultural colleges around the country.
       I rest my case.
                Please sign.

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