Friday, 22 March 2013

Stalking from the highway

Driving North from Flamingo South Glades, when one of my two passengers (wife-Daughter) shouted birds, screeching to a halt and running back to a wide gap in the trees these could be seen------------

Wood Stork in a couple of nice groups.

I made the mistake of leaving my bins at home, and it wasn't until I uploaded my pics, that I realised I had also got a Glossy Ibis lurking in the background

Also close by,what I think my be a Broad-winged Hawk, so Floridians please correct me if I am wrong.

 Same as above.

And I just like the way the sun was catching this palm


  1. Fantastic Gordon, Hope you had a great time and hope all is well with you. Ewan

    1. Thanks Ewan, a fantastic time, tell you al about it when i see you ?.

  2. Thanks for that Ewan, how could it not be birding in the sun, instead of snow!!.
    Take care, Gordon.

  3. Gordon, just now catching up on your Florida trip. Great shots! Love to see Wood Storks in that area as they've been in decline in recent years in the Everglades.

    Your hawk is a Red-shouldered. The pale crescents near the wingtips are diagnostic. Our Florida species is normally much lighter than those found further north.

    1. Thanks Wally, There have been lots if instances on the trip when it would have been great to have had someone like yourself at my side to keep me right. In fact I have a pic that I will put up some time in a future post that I will be asking ID for.
      Thanks again. Gordon


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.