Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Terns and things, at Black Point

Another hot day, so a good place to be is near the coast as it would be marginally cooler (the temps being around the 86* mark) It was decided we would head for Black Point, which is just a few mils from my mates house where we are staying.
         There is a marina and restaurant down there, so good for lunch and at night the place is jumping, we went for dinner and there was a live band on. We had a table by the water which was lit up, and at one point a porpoise or dolphins fin came to the surface, it was quite surreal as I was eating Dolphin (the fish not the mammal) Anyway back to the day visit, boats can be launched at this place and a waterway leads out to Biscaye Bay.
         We followed the waterway and out onto the causeway as far as we could without getting feet wet, to go on meant paddling barefoot and as the rocks were a bit on the rough side, enough said.

beyond this point it is best to have foot-ware you don't mind getting wet.

Brown Pelican, always an interesting bird to observe.

Royal Tern

Then a group of them came in.
Then overhead these came flying by----

Caspian Tern

If I am wrong on this call I would be pleased if someone put me right, but Caspian Tern is what they look like to me.

Then walking back along the peninsula my keen eyed wife spotted this hiding in the mangroves.

Immature Black-crowned Night Heron

slightly better view, too many branches, we've all been there.
As we were on our way to Black Point, driving South along US 1 we had to stop on a red light, and suddenly this popped out of a hole in the metalwork supporting the lights.

Common Myna, there are quite a lot of these roaming round Miami, its an introduced species native to Southeast Asia.

The pic was taken through the car windscreen, hence the poor quality, hopefully interesting though.

And lastly a view of the channel where boaters are instructed to leave no wake because of Manatees.


  1. Great collection of birds and photos. The Pelican is cool and I love the Terns!

    1. Thank you young lady, your comments are much appreciated,
      Take care Gordon.

  2. First time visitor to your lovely blog; I was having a real hard time figuring out how you were seeing all those Florida birds in England -- and how it was hot! You must be a snowbird here for the winter? That's what we are, just not from quite that far away.

    The birds are wonderful! The flight shots and the immature green heron have to be my favorite, because I never have been very successful at all in getting photographs of either! Thanks for sharing. I'll scroll back a ways and see if I can figure out why you're here in this wonderful birding state!

    1. Hi Sallie, thank you for visiting, I only wish I were a snow bird, because as you rightly put it I would be in Florida for the winter, but alas only a few weeks. And again unfortunatly I'm at that age where I could be a snow bird , but my wife is not.
      Thanks again, Gordon.

  3. More wonderful photos! That does look like a Caspian Tern. Love that young night heron!

    1. Thanks yet again Wally, its good to have a second opinion, and quite an unusual place.
      All the best Gordon.

  4. BIrd life in Penrith a little different from the last time I was there!!

    Great set of birds.

    Given the amount of snow on the west coast of Cumbria, I think you may be in the best place at present.

    Cheers and thanks for lining to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. My My Stewart you keep your self well informed, thanks for the comment by the way.
      Where do you originally hale from?, I don't think you mention anything in your blog.
      Thanks again Stewart, all the best Gordon.

  5. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

    1. Hi there, good to hear from you, its good to have Canadians on board, I toured the Ontario area in 76.
      Thanks and all the best.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.