Sunday, 13 May 2012

Terns save the day

Set out early this morning heading for South Cumbria hoping for the Long-billed Dowitcher which is a visitor from America and has been showing well for about 4 days. Traffic was light and I made good time pulling in at the Hodbarrow RSPB reserve just over an hour after setting out.
     The sun was shinning as I got out of the car but the wind felt as if it was trying to cut me in two, this is May and the temps are still well down in the North. I plodded over to the hide and thankfully at this point there was nobody inside, as the wind ripped the door out of my grasp and made an almighty bang. This is the initial view you get when you first enter the hide-------

Its a large area of island gravel beds on one side of a large lagoon
the above pic is highly zoomed and then cropped, to show a few Common Tern and two Little Terns.
    As I made my way to the hide I met 2 people coming from it and I enquired about the Dowitcher but my heart sank when the reply was no sign. More people entered the hide and we all gave the area a good grilling but to no avail. It was either hunkered down somewhere out of the wind, or more likely moved on.
    Still I was fairly upbeat as the Terns gave me 2 more year ticks so I left the hide and made my way over to the sand dunes, where I found this little beauty----

Wheatear, the slight bluring on the images is due to the fact that the bird was behind some sheep netting, and I didn't want to interrupt its feeding by moving to a different vantage point.

There was also a few Linnets about but they were quite camera shy.

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