Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nuthatches are now Parents

I had a short visit over to the Isthmus today just to catch up on the nest situation, with no improvement in the weather I wasn't expecting much activity. It was a nice surprise to look up at the Nuthatch nest hole to find them feeding young.

Nuthatch leaving nest with faecle sac, both parents were doing a good job of keeping the nest clean
  The Chaffinches were still hanging around but there didn't seem to be any nest activity,

Male chaffinch.
So I grabbed a ladder and had a look at the nest, it was empty, and no sign of any young having been in it, so I presume the eggs had been predated.

The sandpipers are back on the Isthmus, both birds were about, this one just about to lift off.
And here is another pic from the other day at Hodbarrow

Two Canada Geese flying in with 8 male Eiders as a backdrop.

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