Monday, 28 May 2012

A bit more from Mull

The first evening on Mull, we had settled into Deerside our self catering for the week and after a meal we went for our first ride out.
        The weather was quite good, a lovely evening but at this stage we didn't know how good it was going to get. I  couldn't believe it when not far out of Tobermory we encountered this little beauty.

The first of our Short-eared Owls.

We just sat in the car and watched as 4 of them flew around hunting.
We continued on our way and it wasn't long before Mrs W shouted stop, at this stage we were along the coast, what have you seen ? says I , well its far out but its black with white wing patches. I vaulted out the car grabbed the camera off the back seat to get a distant shot of this---

Black Guillemot . This is a bird I thought I would have to get at St. Bees, so  a journey saved  there.

And when we arrived back at Deerside this little chap was waiting for us,A Whitethroat sitting high up on a telephone wire, I don't think I have ever seen one so far out in the open. It was also a good distance away so this is digiscoped.
The following day while waiting for the boat to Staffa and Treshnish Isles this flew over-----

White-tailed Eagle, it was a good height up but sill looked like a huge flying plank, things became more spectacular as it drifted away when a Buzzard came in to mob it, but by now it was too far away for pics.

And it wouldn't be Scotland without a few Highland cattle.
     All for now, but more to come.


  1. great stuff gordon! sorry i missed you, clair told me you had no contact information so couldnt get in touch but hope you had a good time, you had an incredible spell of weather anyway! Ewan

    1. Yes me too Ewan, I did so want to meet up with you, but we had nearly a full week of things we had booked on. So each day was a very early start and it was late when we got back. I'll mail you sometime.
      All for now Gordon.

  2. Wow, some great species you have encountered!!! I would love to see a SEO!!!

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  4. Thanks again Tammy, Yes the Shorties are a very beautiful bird both in flight and when perched. The only owls I saw in Florida, were the little Eastern Screech Owl, and the Burrowing Owl.
    Thanks again, and all the best, Gordon.


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