Thursday, 22 March 2012

Birds of the castle

The forecast for the day was good so I had to make the effort and get an early start to try for another go at seeing the Hawfinch. This is about the forth time I have made the trip down to Sizergh Castle in the hope of seeing them but never had any luck. So I thought an early start would give me a better chance, and in fact it was 7-15 when I arrived. It was a cracking morning, there had been a frost but the sun was now well up and all the white stuff was disappearing fast.
      I parked up and waited camera at the ready, and as can be seen from the following pics I didn't have long to wait.

Male Hawfinch

Male Hawfinch

Male Hawfinch (you lookin at me ?)

Female Hawfinch

Then a pair came down together.

Female again

And male & female again.

And to finish off they were joined by this Chaffinch.
By just after 7-30 I was done and dusted, an enjoyable and successful  morning. Where to next?.


  1. Nice one, Gordon. How close were the Hawfinches ?

  2. Thanks for that Dean, as regards distance, if everyone stays in their cars they come quite close about 4 mts, I use my inadiqate 70-300mm. thanks again .


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.