Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Frosties after breakfast

No bird pics today, instead a selection of frost pics taken while walking the Westies round Cowraik nature reserve. Last nights fog had gone by this morning but I didn't know this as I lay in bed, so by the time I got up and realised the sun was shining it was too late for plans of a trip down to Leighton, especially by the time I had walked the dogs and done some shopping.
           After I had done all my jobs I decided to head off for Watchtree nature reserve at Great Orton (the place they buried all the carcases during foot&mouth). The place was very quiet, the only things of note was a Buzzard and a Snipe. I left there and made my way to Bassenthwaite lake in the hope of finding the Scaup.
            I had just arrived and was setting my tripod up when Ewan turned up, it was good to see him again, and a pleasant half hour or so was spent scanning the area together with Ewan helping to find the Scaup.There was a decent range of wildfowl on the lake, the Goldeneye looking particularly good in the sun. however nearly all were too distant to merit any photos.
         The following pics are a selection from this mornings walk with the Westies.

Frosted Bramble.

Frosted Bracken

Scots Pine.
Frosted Silver birch.
This and the following are looking over to the Pennines with Whins pond in the foreground.

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