Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buzzards on the patch

Firstly another pic from yesterday, 2 of the 6 Whooper Swans on Siddick ponds 
Had a wonder round part of the patch with the Westies this morning and there had been a keen frost again, which made it nice and firm under foot but cold on the hands when handleing camera and bins. The sun was shining though and it was another beautiful morning.

View over to the remains of the flash, and the sun just cumming up.
There was 17 Lapwing on this morning and 1 Oystercatcher. We walked along the top track this morning but didn't see a great deal apart from a few Blackbirds and Corvids. Next we took the path by the railway and checked out Roy's bird feeder. Again mainly blue & Great tits, with the addition this morning of a Greenfinch. Further along the path I found a Buzzard perched in a tree but it took flight before I could get the camera on it.
              On our way back along the top track however it was a different story, another Buzzard, this time sat on a post by the side of the path and very confiding allowing us to get quite close before lifting off and gliding over the field.

Common Buzzard.
That was as far as we got today , jobs needed doing, and we have spent quite a bit on fuel this last few days. and tomorrow may be another rest day as Mrs W needs the car as she is popping over to Whitehaven to see her Mother. Mind if anything big turned up close by I could always borrow my Daughters car, (maybe).

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